Brand Engagement with the Next Level of Audience : GEN Z

The consumers are ahead of the curve. They are agile and receptive to newer
technologies. They’re early adopters of new social networks, and trends, while being
sceptical of conventional advertising practices. These qualities provide a plethora of
exciting opportunities and challenges in engaging with the GEN Z audience – an
audience if tapped properly, could become immediate and lifelong customers.
Here’s how we can engage and interact with the versatile and dynamic Gen Z

1. Informal is good but maintain a fine balance

Maintain the right balance between being genuinely relatable and being cringeworthy
when you engage with the Gen Z audience. In marketing to Gen Z, brands shouldn’t
treat them differently to other audiences. The demography of the younger audience
should not be a reason for organizations to amend their broader approach or existing
brand values. Simply err on the side of caution, and if you sense your Gen Z messaging
is not delivering on the parameters you envisioned– then you’re probably right. Move on
and find your audience.

2. Mobile is the medium

We increasingly live in a mobile-savvy world, and Gen Z are the most mobile-oriented
consumer group. In engaging with Gen Z, brands need to think about how their brand is
perceived online, but specifically how users more broadly relate to their brand through
mobile. Always ensure that your brand works across multiple devices and has the
potential and accessibility to experience a variety of user journeys. Think about
mobile responsiveness of your website and your content – and its shareability. Unlike
the erstwhile generations that have grown up in the transition to the online world and
who have been willing to learn new systems and tolerate bad design, GenZers expect a
user interface to be intuitive and mobile apps with practically zero downtime.

3. Invest in Influencers & Social Platforms

Brands need forward thinking and they need to think beyond just what social networks
and new tech they should be on. To a Gen Z audience, content becomes relatable only
if it is backed by strong and well—researched claims of influential marketers. Any old
content does not cut ice with them. Think smartly about how you can deliver the content
in line with new platforms, new influencers and new opportunities.
Gen Z don’t just want scheduled content from brands, but a sense that the content is
both targeted to them and organically arrived at. Seeming natural is achieved by
choosing not just influencers, but the right influencers, and ensuring every decision you
make with regard to Gen Z gels with your overall strategy.
The new generation of audience is a versatile, dynamic and connected set of users who
play by different rules, previously unknown to the world of advertising. It is important to
move beyond what we knew. Unlearn the few things and explore the realm that GEN Z
often treads.

Posted on November 7, 2017 in advertising, Branding

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