Brand Troll War

Brands trolling each other through advertisement is nothing new to the world. Be it the Pepsi’s Halloween ad trolling Coke or Jaguar’s Chicken ad challenging Mercedes Benz. This phenomenon has added spice to the marketing of brands. Earlier it was in the TVC’s and print but now it has expanded to social media and outdoor as well. The latest…

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5 Interesting Facts About Brand Dabur

Dabur has, of late, come in the news for all the wrong reasons. Still, this is a company whose products we have consumed since our childhood. Let us know some of the trivia about this famous Indian brand, the brand which is valued at several billion dollars. 1. The Name The name Dabur is derived…

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5 Benefits of Having a Classy Website

Having a classy website has many direct and indirect benefits. Much like having a great car or a great office creates a certain kind of impression about you, your website is the first place a person gets to know about your company to form a general first impression. With the change in government in 2014…

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