4 Lessons on Virality and Branding from Americai Narayanan

Viral Branding

Twitter Trend AmericaiOn Sunday night, the English News Audience was introduced to a new Spokesperson of the second major national party of India. And within a matter of half an hour, he became a sensation on the social media, so much so that the news channel where he was featured, kept repeatedly telecasting the show where he made his sensational debut. So why did he trend? Well mainly because people loved his style and the way things transpired during the show itself. Basically, a viral video was being broadcast on TV instead of being uploaded on YouTube.


So why did the show become viral? Here are some possible theories and some lessons to learn:

It’s All in the Name.

So even if he had been ordinary like other panelists, he would have still caught people’s attention. Overnight, hundreds of people followed him on twitter. Lesson: Distinguish your brand with a great name.

Awesome Catchphrase

When asked if there was corruption during the UPA rule, he responded with a “Hell yeah” like a true American cowboy. This “Hell yeah” was constantly mocked by fellow panelists and within hours became associated with the brand Americai. In time, no one will remember in what context he had said “Hell Yeah”. But the brand Americai has a great catch phrase. Lesson: Come up with a catch phrase which people can immediately associate with your brand.

Brand Consistency

When people checked out this “Spokes Person” twitter account, they saw a man wearing tshirt and shorts and a picture of him doing Surya Namaskar on a Surf Board. This was highly consistent with his brand of “America returned” Indian gyaani who knows things better. The fact that he constantly keeps reminding people that he’s a Certified Public Accountant (American for Chartered Accountant) and an MBA from America, further solidifies his brand as an unabashed American who likes to use American lingo. Lesson: Be consistent in your Branding across all mediums.

A good sport

They laughed at him, they insulted him. But towards the end, Americai, like a good sport, started laughing with everyone. He even tweeted with the hashtag “HellYeah”. This perhaps endeared him towards the masses (including the BJP supporters, who became his fans). Lesson: Make your brand endearing. People will accept it more easily. Figure out a way to do so.

Posted on March 20, 2017 in Branding, Fun

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